Surface preparation

Chemical and mechanical sealant removal products, gel and liquid paint strippers, water-based lubricants, exterior aircraft cleaners and engine part cleaning solutions that ensure particle-free cleaning and spotless surface preparation prior to paint, bond, sealant application and non-destructive testing on metallic and composite surfaces during manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance/repair (MRO) operations.

Paint stripping

Socomore’s range of liquid and gel paint removers are alkaline, hydrogen peroxide or acid activated.

Removing paint from large surfaces such as aircraft fuselages and wings, or doing repairs on small areas? Choose one of our gel type strippers. They are compatible with spray equipment and apply a thin even layer, even on vertical surfaces, with no drops.

Stripping an intermediate coat? Alkaline activated SOCOSTRIP A0102N breaks down the intermediate and top coat, leaving the primer intact.

Working in a temperature controlled environment, or in a climate with no temperature control? Choose a hydrogen peroxide or acid activated stripper.

Stripping small parts or complex shapes in a tank? Use a liquid paint stripper such as KEMSTRIP 600, an alkaline activated stripper compatible with all alloys.

Need a paint remover that works at room temperature? SOCOSTRIP A4512 is very efficient, even at low temperatures, on difficult to remove paint systems.

Paint stripping selection



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Sealant removal

Looking for solutions to remove sealants and adhesives?

Socomore can supply customers with chemical and mechanical solutions for use with commercial, military, fixed and rotary aircraft during assembly (OEM) and maintenance (MRO) operations, including:

  • SkyRestore, a chemical sealant remover, available in liquid or gel, that breaks down the sealants bond, making it easier to remove. Use on large or riveted surfaces and difficult to reach areas.
  • Composite scrapers & tools that quickly and easily remove cured and uncured sealants, adhesives and other surface residues typically found in the aerospace industry.

Want to improve working conditions for operators? The SkyMill and SkyEdgit sharpening devices are used at point-of-use, allowing operators to sharpen scrapers without leaving their station. Our ergonomic accessories range also includes the SkyGrip and other handles that enhance comfort and safety.

Need sealant application tools? We have spatulas, spreaders and smoothers to smooth, finish and form sealants and shims.


Do you want to reduce the risk of cable damage?

Socomore’s water-based cable lubricant range, Techlube, provides maximum friction reduction and regular pulling tension during underground cable installations, reducing the risk of cable damage.

Techlube cable lubricants do not contain any salt, detergent or grease that can damage cable jackets, and are available in a range of viscosities to suit heavy duty and lighter cable pulls. Techlube water-based lubricants are substantially biodegradable and do not pose any threat to the environment.

Surface cleaning

Cleaning is a recurring process in parts manufacturing and maintenance.

What is the best cleaner to choose? The right solution needs to take into account:

  • What type of equipment will be used; will it be a bath, or other?
  • The application method; will it be ultrasonic, immersion or spray, etc.?
  • The type of parts to be cleaned; are they metallic alloys, plastic, composite, painted or unpainted?

Whatever the answer, our highly experienced technical team will help you find the right solution to fit your needs in our wide range of OEM approved cleaners. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Surface Cleaning selection

Engine cleaning

What is the best way to clean engine parts? The engine parts cleaning process is defined by the engine OEM (Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, GE, Safran, etc.).

What is the best cleaning solution to use? Processes can be varied and multi-staged, such as the descaling process for hot sections of engine parts and APUs, and the types of parts to be cleaned can be martensitic or austenitic stainless steel, nickel or cobalt based refractory alloys, etc.

That is why Socomore has a full and complementary range of acidic, alkaline based and oxidizing solutions in our OEM approved engine cleaning range.

Please contact us with your requirements. One of our highly experienced technical team members will be happy to discuss your specific needs and make a product recommendation to suit.

Manual cleaning/wipes

Socomore’s comprehensive pre-saturated wipe range offers reliable, consistent, convenient and error-free surface preparation.

Do you want to reduce the cost of cleaning operations?

Supplied with a measured quantity of cleaning solution per wipe, pre-saturated wipes standardize and reduce the cost of cleaning operations by:

  • Eliminating liquids and manual saturation
  • Controlling and reducing consumption
  • Improving quality and production line performance; reducing cycle times
  • Reducing VOC emissions
  • Reducing waste
  • Minimizing fire hazards
  • Improving health & safety

Do you need a wipe that meets particular criteria or suits a specific application?
Socomore’s pre-saturated wipes meet the critical and general cleaning requirements of many diverse industries including Aerospace, Automotive and Energy, and are suitable for use in manufacturing and maintenance operations on metal, composite and plastic, smooth and abrasive surfaces.

We supply one complete product – the right solution, on the right cloth, in the right wipe size – in one conveniently sized package.