Manual cleaning/wipes

Socomore’s comprehensive pre-saturated wipe range offers reliable, consistent, convenient and error-free surface preparation.

Do you want to reduce the cost of cleaning operations?

Supplied with a measured quantity of cleaning solution per wipe, pre-saturated wipes standardize and reduce the cost of cleaning operations by:

  • Eliminating liquids and manual saturation
  • Controlling and reducing consumption
  • Improving quality and production line performance; reducing cycle times
  • Reducing VOC emissions
  • Reducing waste
  • Minimizing fire hazards
  • Improving health & safety

Do you need a wipe that meets particular criteria or suits a specific application?
Socomore’s pre-saturated wipes meet the critical and general cleaning requirements of many diverse industries including Aerospace, Automotive and Energy, and are suitable for use in manufacturing and maintenance operations on metal, composite and plastic, smooth and abrasive surfaces.

We supply one complete product – the right solution, on the right cloth, in the right wipe size – in one conveniently sized package.