Paint stripping

Socomore’s range of liquid and gel paint removers are alkaline, hydrogen peroxide or acid activated.

Removing paint from large surfaces such as aircraft fuselages and wings, or doing repairs on small areas? Choose one of our gel type strippers. They are compatible with spray equipment and apply a thin even layer, even on vertical surfaces, with no drops.

Stripping an intermediate coat? Alkaline activated SOCOSTRIP A0102N breaks down the intermediate and top coat, leaving the primer intact.

Working in a temperature controlled environment, or in a climate with no temperature control? Choose a hydrogen peroxide or acid activated stripper.

Stripping small parts or complex shapes in a tank? Use a liquid paint stripper such as KEMSTRIP 600, an alkaline activated stripper compatible with all alloys.

Need a paint remover that works at room temperature? SOCOSTRIP A4512 is very efficient, even at low temperatures, on difficult to remove paint systems.