Sealant removal

Looking for solutions to remove sealants and adhesives?

Socomore can supply customers with chemical and mechanical solutions for use with commercial, military, fixed and rotary aircraft during assembly (OEM) and maintenance (MRO) operations, including:

  • SkyRestore, a chemical sealant remover, available in liquid or gel, that breaks down the sealants bond, making it easier to remove. Use on large or riveted surfaces and difficult to reach areas.
  • Composite scrapers & tools that quickly and easily remove cured and uncured sealants, adhesives and other surface residues typically found in the aerospace industry.

Want to improve working conditions for operators? The SkyMill and SkyEdgit sharpening devices are used at point-of-use, allowing operators to sharpen scrapers without leaving their station. Our ergonomic accessories range also includes the SkyGrip and other handles that enhance comfort and safety.

Need sealant application tools? We have spatulas, spreaders and smoothers to smooth, finish and form sealants and shims.