Surface protection

Washable and peelable temporary protection products, water-based, oil and wax corrosion inhibitors, mold release agents and chemical milling masks. Suitable for application on metal and composite, painted and unpainted surfaces to protect against environmental, physical and chemical attack.

Temporary Protective Coatings

How do you protect surfaces from damage, scratches, corrosion, dust, oil and other chemical contaminants, UV and other types of radiation?

The right type of protection depends on different factors:
•The surface: Is it metallic (aluminium, steel, titanium, etc.), composite, plastic, glass or painted, etc.?
•Is mechanical, chemical or radiation protection required?
•What level of performance is needed?
•What is the application method: brush, roller, aerosol, immersion, etc.?
•What protection removal method is required: wipes, cleaners (immersion, high pressure), peelable, etc.?

Socomore offers three product ranges for surface protection:

Temporary Protective Coatings (TPCs): Use during storage or transportation of parts to protect them from environmental damage (scratches, radiation, corrosive atmospheres).

Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds

Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CICs): High level of corrosion protection for metallic parts (painted/unpainted) in corrosive environments. Removable with solvent cleaners.


Peelable protection mainly used in chemical milling processes that have a strong resistance to strong acids and alkaline agents.