Cleaning prior to treatment

The surface treatment industry is undergoing major transformations as a result of changes to REACh and HS&E regulations.  Aluminium Surface Treatment is particularly impacted as treatment lines will require modifications at each stage of the process; degreasing, deoxidizing and anodizing.

New REACh compliant solutions must not only be borate and Cr(VI) free, they must also pass performance and compatibility tests.

It’s a big challenge for the industry to test, approve and implement new solutions, manage the transition, keep continuous supply and adapt lines where/if necessary.

Are you a tier supplier to the aerospace industry facing these challenges? Socomore has the OEM approved, REACh compliant solutions.

  • SOCOCLEAN A3432: borate and silicate free degreaser; won’t interfere with subsequent NDT processes.
  • SOCOSURF A1858 / A1806: chromate and fluoride free acid based deoxidizer/ desmutter; stable bath performance.
  • SOCOSURF TCS / SOCOSURF PACS: Cr(III) based solution for chemical conversion & sealing after anodizing; a robust solution to meet customer requirements including SST performance on 2000 and 7000 series aluminium  alloys.