Epoxy Primer/Tie-Coat


Epoxy Primer/Tie-Coat

Description of AEROGLAZE 9741

Aeroglaze® 9741 is a two-part epoxy primer designed for use on aluminum, metal, and prepared composite surfaces. Aeroglaze 9741 primer/tie-coat is applied to scuff-sanded urethane top coats and epoxy primers. It is also used as a tie coat between scuff-sanded weather worn coatings and new urethane topcoats.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets Military Performance Requirements of Mil-P-23377.
  • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance.
  • Lead and Chromate-free.
  • VOC Compliant (310 gm/liter, 2.6 lbs/gal VOC).


0.95 liter (1 quart) kit3/4 full1/2 pt. can = full
3.79 liter (1 gallon)3/4 full1 qt. can = full


For industrial/commercial use only. Four hour workable pot life at 25°C (77°F). Mix only enough to be used in a 4 hour period, for ease of application and reduced waste. Maximum cure time before topcoating is 18 hours. Must be applied by trained personnel only. Not to be used in household applications. Not for consumer use. Before using this or any SOCOMORE product, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and label for safe use and handling instructions. Manufactured for SOCOMORE by: LORD Corporation, Saegertown, PA

Directions for use

Surface PreparationFor maximum corrosion protection and long service life, clean and properly prepare all substrates before priming. Non-Ferrous SubstratesExcept for stainless steel, non-ferrous substrates (aluminum, special alloys) are usually too soft to blast clean. If surfaces are untreated aluminum, or special alloys, properly clean and re-prime with either Aeroglaze 9924 or Aeroglaze 9947 wash primers following the instructions below.Bare aluminum substrates not pre-primed with one of these primers may be treated with an appropriate aluminum pretreatment in the following manner:Remove obvious signs of grease, oils, and fuel residues using wipes pre-saturated with DIESTONE DLS.Clean the entire surface with DIESTONE DLS OR DYSOL DS-108 to remove dust, dirt and other surface contaminants.Use dry SOCOMORE C86 SATWIPES to speed the drying process.Deoxidize surface using SOCOCLEAN A2711 deoxidizer.Rinse the surface thoroughly with water. The surface should provide a water break-free film for 30 seconds or more. In case of water breaks occurring on the surface, spot clean those areas with an IPA/water solution or a pre-saturated C86 IPA SATWIPE.Treat surface with SOCOGEL B0202 SOLGEL. Apply according to the SOCOGEL B0202 Technical Data Sheet. Socogel B0202 is qualified to BMS 10-128 rev ORG Type 1 Grade A – Class A.Aluminum pretreatments such as Mil-C-5541or Mil- C-81706 may be used when specified. Follow the procedures supplied by the chromate pre-treatment manufacturer.For special alloys, adhesion tests are recommended to determine if Aeroglaze 9741 primer/tie-coat is a suitable primer. Contact your SOCOMORE Representative for recommendations of other suitable Aeroglaze primers and adhesion promoters if required. Ferrous SubstratesBlast steel surface clean to a 50 – 75 microns (2-3 mils) profile using clean, unused, chloride-free inert blast media. Do not use steel shot. Remove surface contaminants before priming. Prime within 4 hours to prevent flash rusting. CompositesScuff-sand and remove sanding dust before priming. Tiecoat ApplicationWhen used as a tie-coat, Aeroglaze 9741 is an effective primer for providing adhesion of new paint systems to previously painted surfaces. Use Aeroglaze 9741 primer on paint systems where the primer is a MIL-P23377 epoxy primer or equivalent and Chemglaze M331 or other urethane topcoats qualified to MIL-C-85285 or MIL-C-83286 class are being applied. Paint systems using other topcoats or primers must be tested for compatibility before use.The key to obtaining optimum results is proper surface preparation. Before applying Aeroglaze 9741 as a Tie-coat, proceed as follows:Remove obvious signs of grease, oils, and fuel residues using wipes pre-saturated with DIESTONE DLS.Clean the entire surface with DIESTONE DLS OR DYSOL DS-108 to remove dust, dirt and other surface contaminants.Use dry SOCOMORE C86 SATWIPES to speed the drying process.Abrade the surface lightly with a nylon pad or 250-280 grit sandpaper to remove the outer layer of the existing urethane topcoat. Take care not to sand through the primer to the substrate.Remove sanding dust from the surface by rinsing with clean water. Dry the surface with clean dry C86 SATWIPES. Check wipes frequently while wiping and replace if soiled. If there is a heavy buildup of dust residue on the wipe, rinse the surface again and restart the drying process.Bare spots without primer must be re-primed before applying the Aeroglaze 9741 tie-coat. Use Aeroglaze 9924 or Aeroglaze 9947 primer or the primer specified for the application.MixingAeroglaze 9741A – Volume: 3, Weight: 100.00Aeroglaze 9700B – Volume: 1, Weight: 20.71Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat is packaged in pre-measured kits. Thoroughly mix Part A of the primer before adding Part B. After adding Part B, thoroughly mix- then let the mixed primer stand 30 minutes before using. Stir the primer again just prior to use. The material may settle, therefore, thoroughly mix before using. Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat requires no thinning for application.ApplicationApply Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat by spray method using conventional or HVLP equipment. Apply by holding the spray gun at a right angle to the surface, 8 to 12 inches away. Apply with even, parallel passes, with 50 percent overlap.Apply Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-cost only when the surface and ambient temperatures are above 10°C (50°F), with the surface temperature 2.7°C (5°F) above the dew point.The typical dry film thickness of Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat is 15 – 23 microns (0.6 – 0.9 mil). Pot LifeAeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat has a 4 hour potlife at 25°C (77°F). The pot-life is shorter at higher temperatures, and longer at lower temperatures. In order to ease application and reduce waste, only mix the amount of primer to be used in a 4 hour period. Curing Conditions and Recoat TimeAeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat may be recoated after the primer is tack-free (5 hours minimum cure at 25°C [77°F]). DO NOT allow Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat to cure more than 18 hours before recoating- doing so will cause adhesion failure of successive coats.Elevated air temperatures accelerate the cure, thus shortening the recoat time. Lower air temperatures slow the cure, thus lengthening the recoat time. Polyurethane coatings should not be applied to Aeroglaze 9741 primer/tie-coat primed surfaces if temperature is below the dew point. Note: Do not bake the primed substrate. Baking the primed substrate in attempt to shorten recoat time will cause the maximum recoat time to be exceeded. If the maximum recoat time is exceeded, the surface must be roughened by sanding with fine to medium grit sand paper. Remove the sanding dust and solvent wipe with Aeroglaze 9958 thinner before topcoating.To achieve best adhesion, reapply the Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat and then topcoat within the recommended time with an Aeroglaze polyurethane coating. Clean UpAfter applying Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat, clean application equipment with Aeroglaze 9953 thinner. Flush the primer from hoses, spray-guns and other equipment during lunch breaks, overnight, and during long down times. Mixed Aeroglaze 9741 epoxy primer/tie-coat that is left in or on equipment will continue to cure, thus making clean-up more difficult.Before using spray equipment to apply Aeroglaze polyurethanes, flush thoroughly with Aeroglaze 9958 thinner to remove any residual Aeroglaze 9953 thinner. Aeroglaze 9953 thinner is not compatible with Aeroglaze polyurethane coatings.



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