UltraConductive Film

Conductive Surfacing Film for LSP

UltraConductive Film

Conductive Surfacing Film for LSP

Description of UltraConductive Film

UltraConductive™ film provides zone 1A and zone 2A lightning strike protection (LSP) on composite aircraft panels. It is designed to reduce aircraft weight by replacing the combination of expanded metal foil, surfacing film, and isolation ply typically used in conventional lightning strike protection systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Weight Savings: offers a 35-55 % direct weight savings over most conventional expanded copper foil surfacing films.
  • Process compatible: fits into current manufacturing processes- cures during composite cure cycle.
  • Convenient: reduces material and labor costs by requiring fewer surface materials- compatible with standard mold release agents, primers and topcoats.
  • Improves appearance: offers smooth finish appearance by reducing the use of primers and paint to correct poor surface finish.


Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture when stored at -12 °C (10 °F) or below in original, unopened container.

This material is shipped and stored frozen.

Moistureproof container must be maintained at -12 °C (10 °F) or below.

Before using this or any SOCOMORE product, refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label for safe use and handling instructions.
For industrial/commercial use only.

Must be applied by trained personnel only. Not to be used in household applications. Not for consumer use.

Manufactured for SOCOMORE by: LORD Corporation, Saegertown, PA

Directions for use

Surface Preparation:

Minimal surface preparation is required as surfacing film is compatible with standard mold release agents.


• Before use, allow material to thaw to room temperature inside sealed, moisture-proof container.
• Remove protective liner(s) prior to application.
• Place the glossy (tacky) side of film against the tool surface.
• Place the dull (non-tacky) side of film against the carbon composite plies.
• To increase tack, heat may be applied temporarily to the surfacing film up to 49 °C (120 °F).


• Surfacing film cures during composite cure cycle, 121-177 °C (250-350 °F).
• Follow cure schedule for the specific composite material.
• Light scuff (240 grit) and surface wipe are recommended prior to paint application to remove residual release agent.


Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

UltraConductive Film
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