BabbCoSafe 105


BabbCoSafe 105


Description of BabbCoSafe 105


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Cleaner / remover with a high solvent power.

Primarily to wipe off the white background B104A and / or B102A (if necessary) used for magnetic testing.

Can also be used as a degreasing agent prior to penetrant testing, although cleaner N120 is better or as a cleaner in general mechanics.

Companion products : White background B104A, B102A


Transport / Handling: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).Storage : Keep away from moistureTemperature range: 0°C à 50° CKeep packaging closed after taking out some of the product

Directions for use

To wipe off the B104A or B102A white background after magnetic testing, apply Safe 105 (by direct spray, impregnated clean rag or pre-impregnated wipes) and wipe with a rag, until the white layer disappears.To clean a part, pour large quantities of Safe 105 and wipe simultaneously with a clean cloth. The Safe 105 evaporates quickly and leaves the part perfectly clean and clear of traces of lubricant, grease, oil, etc.


Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

BabbCoSafe 105
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