BabbCoSafe 820B

Black Magnetic Ink in Aqueous Dispersion

BabbCoSafe 820B

Black Magnetic Ink in Aqueous Dispersion

Description of BabbCoSafe 820B

Manufacturer :  BabbCo (F)

babbco controle non destructif cnd

Black magnetic detecting medium available in spraycan and concentrate to be diluted in water at 5.0 % by volume (1:20).

  • Very fine and stable product containing anticorrosion, wetting and dispersing additives.
  • Non-flammable propellant
  • Very low odor
  • Very low sulfur and halogens contents
  • Temporary frost resistance, down to -10 °C (concentrate form)

This product can be used with any magnetic field generator (current passing, hand yokes, permanent magnets) and in magnetic bench.Companion products : Tap water, demineralized water or unconditioned demineralized water (SED grade for Electricity of France).

White background B104A or B102A « Pellical »


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BabbCoSafe 820B
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