Description of BLEU PR


babbco controle non destructif cnd

Blue thixotropic product for:

  • Surface evenness test
  • Research of surface flaws by penetrant testing.

Type 2, method A or C, level 2 according ISO 3452-2.


Companion products:

Surface evenness test:

Cleaner: N120, cleaning rags N120

Remover: N106A, cleaning rags N106A, BabbCoSafe 105

Using any other means may “destabilize” Bleu PR, i.e. may make it liquid.

Penetrant testing:

Cleaner: N120, cleaning rags N120

Remover: N106A, cleaning rags N106A

Developer: D-100, R60, D-106


Transport / Handling: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)Storage: Keep away from moistureTemperature range: 0°C à 50° CKeep packaging closed after taking out some of the product

Directions for use

Surface evenness test :For surface evenness check of leak-free equipment (valves, etc), use preimpregnated N120 wipes, or, as an alternative, N106A wipes or BabbCoSafe105 to clean surfaces. N120 spray cans with clean rags may be used too. Allow for drying.Apply a very thin layer of Bleu PR on the mobile part. Then, put the mobile and the non-mobile parts in contact, without any rotation.Pull up the mobile part. Surfaces of the fixed part which were in contact with corresponding surfaces of the mobile part are blue.Inspect for non blue-colored areas, using a minimum of 500 lux white light illuminance on the surface under inspection, showing non contact areas.Final cleaning is carried out with N120 pre-impregnated wipes, or, as an alternative, N106 wipes.Water cleaning is possible, if allowed.Penetrant Testing :Thoroughly clean surface with N120 (recommended) or with cleaning rags moistened with N120. Use a brush, a rag, any convenient means to apply penetrant on the surface to be checked.Penetration time is of at least 20 to 30 minutes.Removal of excess penetrant shall be done under adequate visible light 350 lux mini. Remove most of the penetrant with clean, dry rags. To complete removal use cleaning rags N106A if necessary.Allow 3 to 5 minutes for drying.Apply a thin, even layer of non aqueous wet developer by spraying only (spray can is the recommended means)Inspection shall be done under adequate white light (500lux minimum) at the surface of parts. When possible, conditions stated in ISO 3059 should be met (warm light give better results)Final cleaning may be carried out using cleaning rags N120, cleaning rags N106A, or water if allowed.


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