Description of DR-60


DR-60 is hydrocarbon-based. It is mainly used in the penetrant process to remove excess penetrant from part surfaces.DR-60 may also be used for generally cleaning oily, dirty surfaces.

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– Transport / Handling: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).- Storage : Keep away from moistureTemperature range: 0°C à 50°CKeep packaging closed after taking out some of the product.

Directions for use

General Cleaning: apply on dirty surface, saturating the contaminated area. Let stand 10-30 seconds, allowing organic soils to dissolve. Wipe with clean rag or toweling before DR-60 dries completely. Repeat if necessary.Penetrant Pre-Cleaning: normally, Sherwin’s other cleaner, DR-62, is recommended for penetrant pre-cleaning. However, DR-60 has good pre-cleaning properties and is suitable for this purpose. Before applying penetrant, follow the above instructions for using DR-60 as a general cleaner. Make certain cleaning is sufficient to remove flawentrapped as well as surface soils. Allow DR-60 to evaporate completely from within any flaws before applying the inspection penetrant.Penetrant Removal: use DR-60 sparingly. Remove as much excess penetrant as possible using clean, dry rag or toweling. Remove remaining penetrant film by wiping with rag or toweling that has been slightly moistened with DR-60. Use a minimum of DR-60, avoid flushing penetrant from flaws. Do not spray DR-60 directly on part surface when removing excess penetrant. Rough surfaces require more generous applications of DR-60.Allow surface to dry completely before applying developer.


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