Description of SG0

Manufacturer : NDT-Europa (NL)

Thick transparent acoustic liquid with a synthetic base, washable with water. It has been specially developed to facilitate ultrasonic testing of parts requiring a good control accuracy, especially in thickness measurement.

The specific thickening of the SG0 ensures a good resistance on the surfaces to be tested and a thin and constant film under the sensor regardless of the position. The excellent wetting power of SG0 provides excellent acoustic transmission even on greasy and not perfectly degreased parts.

SG0 has no corrosion effect on all metals. The safety of SG0 is almost total on paints, plastics and rubbers. However, it should not be used on composites before repair. The normal operating temperature range is from 0°C to 50°C; beyond this range, the viscosity of the liquid may vary.

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Transport / Handling: see Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).Storage: Temperature limit: 5°C to 40°C.Keep the packages closed between each sample.

Directions for use

Precision ultrasonic coupling for industry.- Apply on the part to be tested and then move US probe.- After testing, cleaning can be carried out with water or solvents. It is easy to wipe with cloth.- For a thorough cleaning, the residual presence of gel with pink fluorescent tracer incorporated can becontrolled under UV-A.- Do not use the product on unpainted composites structures or damaged composites structures beforerepair.


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