Description of SG1

Manufacturer : NDT-Europa (NL)

Translucent semi water-based glycerinated pink gel, biodegradable. It was specially developed in order to make ultrasonic testing on yards and wide surfaces easier.

SG1 gel characteristic ensures a good adhesion on pieces to be tested, whatever their position. SG1 excellent wetting enables a very good acoustic transmission even on fatty parts and not perfectly degreased.

SG1 couplant has no corrosive effect on all metals. SG1 has no effect too on paints, plastic and rubber. However it shall not be used on composites before repair. The normal temperature range is 0°C to 50°C, the use is possible at higher temperature but the gel liquefies gradually. The viscosity increases with evaporation of water.

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Transport / Handling: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).Storage : Temperature range: 5°C à 40°CKeep packaging closed after taking out some of the product.

Directions for use

 – Apply on the part to be tested and then move US probe.- After testing, cleaning can be carried out with water or solvents. It is easy to wipe with cloth.- For a thorough cleaning, the residual presence of gel with pink fluorescent tracer incorporated can be controlled under UV-A.- Do not use the product on unpainted composites structures or damaged composites structures before repair.


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