Description of DMR-504

DMR-504 Replication Liquid is a two-part low viscosity elastomer which can be readily mixed by hand or machine in a one-to-one mix. Once mixed, pour into desired mold or onto object to be replicated, it will cure rapidly at room temperature into a firm elastomer with a Shore A Durometer of 20, and a dimensional accuracy of 99.80%.
DMR-504 is designed for applications where a liquid replication material is needed.

Advantages of the DMR-Series Flexible Replication Systems

  • Quick and easy to mix & use
  • A replication material for any application
  • Cures fast at room temperature
  • Leaves no film or residue
  • Safe to use
  • Accurate dimensional qualities (minimal cure shrinkage)
  • Indisputable physical evidence – a permanent record
  • Can be used with optical comparitors for dimensional measurements
  • Available in two, eight and ten pound kit sizes (total weight of hardener and base).

DMR-504 is a product from the DYNAMOLD range.


For fast-setting, dimensionally stable measurement of tooling, mold making dies, gears, prototype tooling, production parts, surface finish replications and a number of other applications.
Excellent for measuring wear on moving parts, production pieces against specification tolerances, overall quality of machined or plated surfaces, in conjunction with optical comparators, and corrosion pitting.


Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

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