Oil Based Wax Dissolver


Oil Based Wax Dissolver

Description of D-SOLV

Cr(VI) free dewaxer used as part of the wax removal process on aircraft engines and equipment.

D-SOLV is a blend of hydrotreated oils and surfactants formulated as part of a solvent free multi-step wax removal process.

  • Part of an environmentally friendly process.
  • Does not contain carcinogenic ingredients.
  • Can absorb 40% of its weight in wax.
  • Has an extensive operational life.
  • Is easily rinsed in light alkaline cleaners.
  • Stable at elevated temperatures.
  • Does not contain chlorine, phenols, or hexavalent chrome.

D-SOLV is a product from the MagChem range.


Keep from freezing. Store indoors. If contents are frozen, storage in a warm place will restore the product to its original state without adverse effects on working quality. For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.

Directions for use

Dewaxing process1) Immerse components in hot wax to dissolve thick accumulations and leave a thin uniform residual film.2) Immerse components in MagChem D-Solv, used neat, heated to 88-93°C (190-200°F) or approximately 15°C (27°F) above the melting point of the wax.3) This step is a repeat of # 2 and is optional. It is either an accelerator of the process or a safeguard against line shut-down.4) Rinse by immersion in water maintained at 49-54°C (120-130°F).5) Components are immersed in a 10% solution of Soluwax, heated to 50-80°C (122-176°F).6) Immerse in water maintained at 54-60°C (130-140°F).7) Immerse components in a 3-4% solution of Corrotek, heated to 71-77°C (160-170°F), during 2-5 minutes, to absorb heat. Upon removal, parts will flash-dry. Ferrous surfaces will be protected during further in-shop processes.



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