Description of KEMSTRIP 600

High temperature Cr(VI), NEP and NMP free liquid aircraft paint stripper effective on thick or multi-layered paints. Removes a wide variety of coatings from aircraft surfaces and engine components.

Kemstrip 600 is an environmentally friendly liquid stripper that may be used as strong descaler. It is a blend of penetrants, activation agents and surfactants. Its main characteristics are:

  • Efficient on thick or multi-layered paints such as alkyddes, alkyde-urethanes, polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, etc.
  • Compatible with steels and aluminium and magnesium alloys.
  • Can remove carbon deposits.
  • Strictly free from hydrocarbons, chlorinated or aromatic solvents, hexavalent chromium (classified CMR – Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic to Reproduction), phenols (classified CMR – Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic to Reproduction), NEP and NMP ( both Toxic to Reproduction category 1B according CLP European Regulation) which means higher safety for users.
  • An oil seal layer on the surface delays the evaporation of the solvents contained in the bath. This layer also allows to retain odours coming from the bath.

KEMSTRIP 600 is a hot, bi-phase, NEP and NMP free paint remover for tank applications. It is OEM approved for the aerospace industry.

Advantage / Benefits:

  • High efficiency on thick or multi-layered paints such as alkyddes, alkyde-urethanes, polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, etc.
  • Specifically intended to replace NMP based paint remover. Registered in the SVHCs list (Substances of Very High Concern), within the frame of REACH regulations, NMP is
    restricted since May 2020.
  • Also free from NEP (Classified as CMR, Toxic to Reproduction), Methylen chloride or phenolic substances
  • Applicable on titanium, steel, aluminium and magnesium alloys in the industry
  • For aerospace industry, specifically applicable to landing gears, wheels, engine parts for tank applications
  • Also applicable as heavy duty carbon remover, cured sealant remover and organic cured coating or adhesives
  • Bi-phase, an oil seal layer delays the evaporation of the solvents contained in the bath as well as reduce odours coming from the bath

KEMSTRIP 600 is a product from the MagChem range.


This product is formulated
• to remove a wide variety of coatings such as phenolic, acrylic and nitrocellulose lacquers, polyurethanes and epoxies. These are the types of finishes commonly used on aircraft surfaces and engine components, such as impeller blades, transfer cases, diffuser cases, wheels and landing gears.
• to remove sealants from clamps and application materials.


For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.

Directions for use

KEMSTRIP 600 is a complete and ready-to-use product. It is made of:an active layer KEMSTRIP 015an anti-evaporation oil seal layer OIS-96 or ADDICAP alkalin additive A-96For bath ajustement with these additives, please see bath maintenance section below. TANK EQUIPMENTUse preferably a tank with a tight fitting lid and a ventilation device. The use of a tank with conical bottom is recommended to facilitate cleaning of sludge and paint residues periodically. Replenish with Kemstrip 600 to adjust the bath level after removing sludge.Work may be accelerated by agitating the bath with a fluid recirculation pump or by means of a low speed paddle. Avoid excessive agitation that disturbs the oil seal layer. The use of laminar agitation is recommended. BATH MOUNTING AND USE Fill the tank with KEMSTRIP 600. Pour all contents from the packaging, ensuring complete evacuation of the anti-evaporation layer.The range of operational temperature is 80-110°C (176 – 230°F), depending on the type of paints and their thickness. In extremely difficult stripping operations, the temperature may be raised to 115°C (240°F) maximum.Parts should be pre-cleaned and dried before immersion in KEMSTRIP 600. Never introduce water in the bath, otherwise corrosion or a discolouration may occur on some metallic parts.Once paint layers are loosen or dissolved, rinse with water pressure jets and/or with an alkaline product from the SOCOCLEAN or SYNCLAIR range.Always immerse parts completely under the interface between the stripper and the oil seal.After rinsing, ferrous metals should be coated with a rust preventive film to prevent corrosion of stripped parts. BATH MAINTENANCEBath levelEmpty regularly and thoroughly sludges resulting from the stripping in the tank bottom (conical preferably), then add some KEMSTRIP 015 to bring the bath to its original level.Thickness of the anti-evaporation layerThe thickness of the superficial layer should be maintained or reinforced (20cm / 8 inches minimum) by adding ADDICAP 2 or OIS-96 to prevent the evaporation of the active layer.Action and performance of the active layerMeasure out the bath and ajust the alkalinity with A-96 if necessary, using the “control test” method.



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