Description of CABLE EASE

Cable Ease cable blowing lubricant is a clear liquid silicone based cable lubricant specifically designed to meet the needs of the blown / air-carrying cable installation techniques in the telecommunication industry. Provides significant reduction of the friction coefficient developed during the placement of cables in ducts and sub-ducts using blowing and air carrying techniques.

  • Easy application with superior friction reduction ensures fast and efficient installation
  • Spreads evenly with an easy flow without drops or lumps
  • Overcomes the problems encountered when using thick gel-based, wax or microsphere lubricants
  • Does not dry out during installation or interrupt the flow or carrying capability of the air
  • Atomizes when blown, maximising cable installation distances
  • Leaves a thin film of lubricant which will not cement cables
  • Use on its own or in conjunction with pre-lubricated or co-extruded ducts and sub-ducts
  • Ensures that any contact between new and existing cables does not cause blockages
  • Allows easy removal or subsequent installations to same duct at a later date
  • Improves efficiency of pre-lubricated ducts
  • Reduces the risk of stoppages and cable damage
  • Saves time and money
  • Suitable for use at extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with all standard cable jackets, duct and inner-duct polymers
  • Non-flammable


Cable Ease is a cable blowing lubricant for cable placement operations using blowing and air carrying techniques.
• Electrical, inside wiring and telecommunications cable placements
• Fibre Optic cable blowing installations
• Sub-duct installation
• Pre-lubricating ducts
• Sponge blowing techniques
• Recommended when cable is being installed into a duct that contains existing cables or sub-ducts
• Ensures any contact between the new cable and the existing cables does not cause any blockages or stoppages.


No reportable hazardous substances nor complex substances but personal protective equipment should be used. Safety glasses are recommended where eye splashes can occur. Use gloves when handling.Handle and dispose of waste in accordance with national and local regulations by authorized disposal company.The container choice, for example storage vessel, may effect static accumulation and dissipation. Do not store in open or unlabelled containers. Keep container closed. Handle containers with care. Open slowly in order to control possible pressure release. Store in a cool, well-ventilated area.Storage Temperature: [Ambient]Storage Pressure: [Ambient]For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.

Directions for use

• Pour Cable Ease into the opening of the duct. Blow a sponge or wiper through the duct prior to the installation of the cable or sub-duct. The sponge spreads a thin film of Cable Ease lubricant on the inner walls of the ducting, pre-lubricating the interior prior to the cable or sub-duct passing through.
• As pre-lubrication pour 250 ml of Cable Ease per 2 km of duct into the duct.
• Use 1 litre of Cable Ease / 2 km of duct poured in front of a foam carrier / sponge.
• Use 0.5 litre of Cable Ease / 1 km of duct, poured behind the cable carrier.
• These estimations are based on the standard telecom duct ID of 25mm.
• For fibre optic cable blowing operations it is designed to be poured into the opening of the conduit or inner-duct and blown or pushed by a sponge to provide waterproof lubricity on the inner walls.


    • Recommended After Compatibility Testing With Nexan Cable Jacket Material

Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

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