Description of SOCOSTRIP A4554

NMP free high temperature liquid aircraft stripper suitable for removing multiple layers of paint and thick aircraft primers.

SOCOSTRIP A4554 main characteristics are:

  • Efficient on multiple or thick layers, of alkyd, alkyd-urethane, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic types, etc.
  • Compatible with steels, stainless steels, aluminium alloys, titanium and magnesium.
  • Able to remove carbon deposits.
  • Strictly free from hydrocarbons, chlorinated or aromatic solvents, hexavalent chromium (classified as CMR – carcinogenic, mutagenic and repro-toxic), phenols (classified as CMR), NEP (reproductive toxicity category 2 according to the CLP European regulation), and NMP (reproductive toxicity category 1B according to the CLP European regulation). Therefore it is safe for users.
  • An anti-evaporation layer on the surface delays evaporation of the solvent contained in the bath. This layer will also allow retain the bath odours.


Removal by immersion of many types of paint including glycerol-phthalic, alkyd–urethane, epoxy, etc. that can be found of aircraft surfaces and engine parts such as blades, gear boxes, diffusion chambers, landing gears and wheels but also all types of metal parts mentioned above.


For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation. For industrial use only.

Directions for use

SOCOSTRIP A4554 is a complete product ready for use. It is composed of:
• an active layer SOCOSTRIP A4514,
• an anti-evaporation layer ADDICAP2,
• an active agent SOCOSTRIP A4306.


• Tank must be equipped with a tight fitting lid, a ventilation device and a conical bottom with draining at the low point to collect paint waste and sludge periodically. After draining of waste, readjust the level of the bath with new product.

• For immersion applications, agitation by fluid recirculation pump or low speed paddle will speed up the paint removal process. Avoid excesive agitation of the anti-evaporation layer on the top of the bath ( laminar agitation is most appropriate).


• Fill the tank with SOCOSTRIP A4554. Pour all contents from the packaging, ensuring complete evacuation of the anti-evaporation layer.
• The temperature of use is 60 to 105 °C approximately (140-221 °F) depending on the type and thickness of paints to be treated.
• After separation or dissolution of the paint coats, rinse with water pressure jets or cleaners from the SOCOCLEAN or SYNCLAIR range of water-based products.
• Never add water in the bath. Water contamination could cause corrosion or degradation on some metallic parts.
• Make sure that parts are completely immersed under the interface between the stripper and the antievaporation layer.


• Bath level:
Regularly and completely drain the sludge in bottom of the tank (choose preferably a conical shaped tank bottom). Once the sludge is removed, bring the bath to the initial level by adding SOCOSTRIP A4514.

• Thickness of the anti-evaporation layer:
In order to minimize the evaporation of the active layer, it is important to maintain the thickness of the top layer at minimum 20 cm by adding ADDICAP 2.

• Activity and performance of the active layer:
If necessary, adjust the bath with SOCOSTRIP A4306 to maintain the paint removal activity. Follow the method described in “Bath analysis”.



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