All purposes cleaner


All purposes cleaner

Description of 149-X

149-X is a liquid solution of alkaline materials, water softening and wetting agents. 149-X is an all purpose liquid detergent for exterior aircraft and vehicle cleaning, as well as industrial and maintenance applications. It can be applied by foam, spray or hand application.149-X is also an excellent all-purpose cleaner and can be used for cleaning walls, floors and even as light-duty steam cleaning compound.

  • Safe on most durable industrial and aircraft finishes
  • Excellent hard water tolerance
  • Free-rinsing
  • No flash point
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Can perform both industrial and maintenance tasks
  • Produces a thick, stable foam
  • Excellent for removing atmospheric pollution from home exterior siding, eaves
  • Restores oxidized paint on aircraft, trucks, removes exhaust streaking
  • Powerful cleaner for electronic air cleaner elements
  • Removes carbonized deposits
  • Compounded for automatic injection dispensing


Always spot-check mixed solutions on painted surfaces before applying.
For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.
For industrial use only.

Directions for use

Mixing instructions:
Light duty cleaning – mix 1 part of 149-X to 100 down to 20 parts tap water (1% to 5% solution).
Medium duty cleaning – mix 1 part 149-X to 9 parts water (10% solution).Heavy duty cleaning – mix 1 part 149-X to 4 parts water (20% solution).

General use instructions:
Apply diluted solution by the Foam & Clean dispenser, spray, mop or brush. Allow solution to stand for 5 to 10 minutes, and then agitate with mop or brush. Rinse thoroughly with water. DO NOT allow solution to dry before rinsing as this will adversely affect rinsing.


Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

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