Description of DIESTONE MP50

50% VOC emission, multi-purpose, powerful solvent cleaner with controlled volatility for surface preparation operations prior to paint, bond and sealant application.

DIESTONE MP50 is a solvent composition with controlled volatility and weak odour. It is free from chlorinated hydrocarbons and used as a cleaning agent. The product offers an effective solution without compromise; it reduces VOC emissions and the fire risk, without change
significant in workshops using traditional solvents for cleaning operations:

  • 50% VOC emission product.
  • The flash point of 52°C (125.6°F) is stable in time and remains constant throughout the evaporation duration.
  • Very high solvent power which allows excellent cleaning and degreasing of metallic surfaces before painting.
  • Non corrosive on metals, including light alloys.
  • Efficient reactivation and cleaning of epoxy and polyurethane primers.
  • Pleasant odour.


Painting and paint stripping shops, construction and assembly:
• Cleaning of jointing, sealant and glue application equipment. Removal of excess quantities, marks and runs of jointing products, sealants and glues.
• Surface preparation before paint, sealant or glue application.
• Degreasing during maintenance operations.
• Removal of felt tip, inks, etc…
• Degreasing of metallic materials, epoxy/carbon composites and thermoplastic materials before painting.


It is recommended to wear suitable gloves because the strong degreasing action of DIESTONE MP50 will de-fat the skin. Avoid breathing or swallowing the product. Wear suitable eye protection when handling or using the product. In the case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately and abundantly with water. If work is continuous, it is recommended to install a vapour extraction system at the emission point.

DIESTONE MP50 must be used and stored in a sufficiently ventilated place, away from flame and heat sources. The product must be protected and kept in the closed original containers.

For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.

For professional use only.

Directions for use

DIESTONE MP50 is used as supplied and without dilution at ambient temperature using the following methods:

• wiping with a cloth or presaturated wipe.
• brushing or swabbing.


    • BSS 7432 (Supersedes D6 - 17487): Solvent cleaners and general cleaning: Conform on materials compatibility tests & Partially conform on paint systems compatibility tests

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