Description of DIESTONE SRM

DIESTONE SRM is the former PF-SRM manufactured by PT Technologies Europe.
DIESTONE SRM is a heavy duty, residue free higher flash point solvent based cleaner and degreaser for surface cleaning of gross soils, sealant and adhesive residues, fabrication soils and marking inks during Aerospace MRO and OEM parts cleaning operations. Effectively removes semi-cured polysulphide sealants, RTV materials, Skydrol marks, stickers, tape and combustion residues. It is also an effective cleaning solvent in preparing and cleaning tooling of composite structures.

  • Contains a masking agent for odour sensitive operators
  • 100% volatile solvent – leaves no residue after complete evaporation
  • Substitute for low flash point solvents such as MEK, IPA & Acetone
  • Bond breaker to penetrate beneath the adhesive, break the bond and lift from surface
  • Controlled evaporation rate
  • Reduces solvent consumption, costs & VOC emissions when moving from fast evaporating solvent cleaners
  • Suitable for use on metal, solvent resistant organic coatings and composites/composite tooling
  • Low content of sulphur chlorides, nitrogen, peroxides and acids
  • Non-corrosive on metals such as copper, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel etc.
  • Suitable for cold cleaning solvent immersion or swab/wipe
  • Available in liquid and pre-saturated on low lint wipes such as SOCOSAT 15233 – a cloth compliantwith AMS 3819C qualification requirements
  • Pre-saturated wipe system eliminates the hazardous storage, transport and logistical issues of loose flammable liquids


DIESTONE SRM is a solvent based cleaning system designed to provide effective surface cleaning of sealant residues, fabrication soils and markings on metallic and composite structures.
• Removal of difficult contaminants such as uncured sealant and adhesive
• Semi-cured polysulphide sealant removal tool
• Cleaning substrates prior to bonding or sealing and next stage manufacturing
• Cleaning particulates and contaminants from metallic & non-metallic materials
• Cleaning and preparation of mould surfaces
• Pre-cleaning prior to final cleaning operations
• Final cleaning prior to painting
• Degreasing and cleaning prior to overhaul and sealing/jointing work
• Smoothing sealants to give aesthetically pleasing finish
• Cleaning of heavily contaminated parts
• Degreasing of machines/machine parts in situ or on refurbishment
• Tool cleaning during sealant preparation
• General purpose cleaner for aircraft exterior surfaces and aircraft engine materials


Personal protective equipment should be used. Safety glasses are recommended where eye splashes can occur. Use solvent resistant gloves.
Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long term adverse effect in aquatic environment. Avoid release to environment. Do not empty into drains and waterways. Recycle or dispose of waste and soiled packaging in accordance with current legislation via a certified collector or company.
Store in original, sealed and labelled container only. The room of storage has to be properly ventilated and cleaned. Store in room temperature. Keep containers tightly sealed when not in use.
For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.
For industrial use only.

Directions for use

Apply a thin film of DIESTONE SRM using liquid or a pre-saturated wipe
Allow a few minutes for surface action to dislodge contaminants
Wipe off with the same pre-saturated wipe or with a clean, dry low lint cloth (recommended)
Allow surface to dry and apply coatings / sealing etc.
Dispose of all wipes in an appropriate bin



Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

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