Description of SOCOCLEAN A2519

Non VOC water-based aerospace cleaner for cleaning excess adhesive tape, glue and uncured sealant (polyurethane and silicone) from surfaces and application equipment.

SOCOCLEAN A2519 is intended to replace traditional solvents used for these cleaning operations. SOCOCLEAN A2519 improves working conditions and reduces environmental impact.

  • It is free from soda, potash, phosphate, nitrites, phenol, borates, etc.
  • It is a non-VOC and non-flammable product.
  • It contains no CMR substances.


SOCOCLEAN A2519 a water-based alternative to solvents used for cleaning excess adhesives and uncured sealants (polyurethanes and silicones) from surfaces and application equipment.

For wiping applications, it is most effective when used with our pre-saturated wipes.

It effectively cleans and degreases a large variety of contaminants.

SOCOCLEAN A2519 can be used on metals (aluminium, steel, titanium).

On Polyacrylate, it has passed testing in accordance with ASTMF 484. On Polycarbonates, contact time should be limited to approximately 30 minutes.


SOCOCLEAN A2519 does not require any special precautions, but it is advisable to wear personal protective equipment as a precautionary measure. Wear safety goggles when there is a risk of eye contact. Store in sealed, original packaging, protected from the cold. For further information regarding risks, please consult the safety data sheet of the product in accordance with local legislation. For industrial use only.

Directions for use

SOCOCLEAN A2519 is ready-to-use and can be used without dilution at room temperature:
• by brushing or spraying
• by immersion in a bathpre-saturated wipes.


    • Boeing D6-17487 : Exterior and general cleaners and liquid waxes, polishes and polishing compounds - Conform except paint softening on BMS 10-100

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