Description of DILNET

Safe and effective product which dilutes very quicly nitrosynthetic, glycerophtalic resins, polyurethane, epoxi and polyesters.

Large range of compatibility with industrial paints thanks to its stability.


The multi-functional aspect of DILNET allows many uses:
• Cleaning and degreasing of surfaces before painting or temporary protection.
• Cleaning of paint brushes, rollers, spray guns, spray booths walls, etc.
• Removing of greasy, oily or waxlike temporary protective products.
• Removing of vinylic primers, in particular wash-primers applied as adhesive undercoats.
• Dilution of nitrosynthetic, polyurethane, etc., paints after trial of compatibility.


Wear protective gloves and eyes protectors, provide a ventilation in the working place. In case of continuous works, provide for vapours recovery where they are released.In case of projection on the skin or in the eyes, rinse immediately and abundantly with water.Store in well ventilated rooms, away from all sources of flames or heat and from oxidizing products.For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.


Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

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