Description of HYSO 93

Water-repellent degreaser, usable cold, with a high flash point, developed for the degreasing of metal surfaces, duroplastics and machine elements, even if they are wet.

HYSO 93 is not subject to classification under the European legislation on VOCs.(Directive 1999/13/CE)

  • HYSO 93 is a very pure product absolutely free from impurities such as, chlorinated solvents, benzene solvents and water. Owing to these qualities and the very low risk of flammability, it is recommended in all work to be carried out in badly ventilated places with difficult access.
  • The water-repellent property allows water to be displaced from moist surfaces; the risks of corrosion by accumulation of water in inaccessible areas or by condensation are therefore reduced.
  • The intended limited volatility makes the use of this product possible in bath if necessary and minimizes losses due to evaporation, which permits an important saving of product.
  • The flash point is stable in time and remains constant throughout the duration of evaporation.
  • HYSO 93 is inert on metals (steels, aluminium and its alloys, zinc and galvanized steels, etc…), plastics (PVC, ABS, polyethylene, polyester, polyurethanes, plexiglass, etc…), rubbers and elastomers.
  • It can be employed on painted or varnished surfaces (polyurethanes, acrylic resins, etc…) without risk of attack or tarnishing.


•Cleaning of machine components, engines, dirty and greasy casings, covered with sludge and degraded oils and cutting or machining oils.
•Degreasing of electromechanical parts, electrical equipment boxes, automatic industrial facilities, assembly robots, machine tools.
•HYSO 93 is particularly recommended on mechanical or electrical parts containing blind holes or inaccessible areas; its water-repellent property facilitates elimination of residual water and so ensures a temporary protection against corrosion.


In the event of manual use, the wearing of safety rubber gloves is recommended. Because it excludes dangerous chlorinated or benzene components, HYSO 93 conforms to the safety requirements in force. However, as for all solvents, the wearing of gloves is advised, a correct ventilation in the workshops must be ensured and, in spite of the weak fire hazard because of the high flash point, the usual safety measures must be taken during storage as well as handling.For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.

Directions for use

In bath with or without ultrasonics, by spray, in spray washing machine, with a brush or a cleaning rag, in washing machines with recycling, etc… The contact time is about 5 minutes. The drying of the parts can be accelerated by compressed-air blowing. As a grease remover between operations, HYSO 93 makes it possible to leave the metal parts, in storage under shelter and in non-humid rooms during a few days, without it being necessary to apply a specific corrosion-preventive product.For a storage time of several months, it is recommended to apply a waterproofing agent such as WADIS.



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