Description of SOCOSAT P45

Surface cleaning and preparation wipes.

  • Large range of solvent (DIESTONE DLS) and water-based (SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE, SOCOCLEAN A2519, SOCOCLEAN I2478) pre-saturation solutions available to suit different applications. Other pre-saturation solutions are also available. Please contact us with your requirements.
  • A range of wipe sizes and packaging formats:
    • 18 x 38cm pre-cut rolls, available in a non-refillable bucket; a ready to use solution.
    • 14 x 16cm pre-cut rolls, available in re-fillable dispensers.
    • 18 x 38cm flat wipes available in 24 wipe flat packs, a small package that helps to reduce waste in applications that require a limited number of wipes.

The pre-saturated wipe system provides economic, environmental and safety advantages for users when compared to manually saturating cloths with loose liquid solvents.


Impregnated with SOCOCLEAN I2478 or SOCOCLEAN A2519, SOCOSAT P45 wipes are suitable for cleaning uncured adhesives, excess polyurethane and silicone sealants, and application equipment.

Impregnated with DIESTONE DLS, SOCOSAT P45 wipes are suitable for preparing surfaces prior to sealant, adhesive and paint application.

Impregnated with SOCOCLEAN AQUAFORTE, SOCOSAT P45 wipes are suitable for general surface cleaning and removing oils, soils, cutting fluids and sealant residues.


  • AMS 3819C
    • Conform according to qualification requirements

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