Description of SOCOPAC 25H

SOCOPAC 25H provides a thorough protection and water-repellent coat for materials, spare parts or assemblies, in the worst climatic conditions. The ultimate film forms a very efficient barrier against all the agents responsible for corrosion (water, oxygen, acids, basis and salts coming from industrial emissions, tropical atmospheres, etc.).

  • Its long lasting anti-corrosion power protects aluminium and alloys, steels, light alloys (titanium, magnesium), zinc and galvanized steel, copper and alloys and cadmium. It can be applied with no risk of attack to all painted surfaces, composite materials, plastics, rubbers, Plexiglas and polycarbonates (non crazing).
  • SOCOPAC 25H has been formulated to offer the highest safety for users as well as for the substrates to be protected- it does not contain any harmful solvents, toluene, xylene or chlorinated products.
  • SOCOPAC 25H displaces water and humidity and, after drying, leaves a long term protective waterproof film which resists differences in temperature, heavy rain, sea air, tropical atmospheres or industrial corrosive atmospheres.
  • The film surface is dry and wax-like, which is especially interesting when the protection is to be applied on spare parts, which are frequently handled.
  • However, thanks to its flexibility, the film absorbs slight impacts without damage or cracking.
  • Because of its polarity and surfactant qualities, SOCOPAC 25H is bonded to the metal surface instead of the agents responsible for the corrosion.
  • The cured film is formulated to resist outside for several years and above all to remain stable during this time. It is not subject to alteration by the air, or by exposure to sun or heat.


Because of its exceptional properties in metal corrosion preventive protection, SOCOPAC 25H may be employed anywhere.

In aerospace, it may be used when the risks of corrosion by condensation or by exposure to sea or corrosive air require an efficient and controllable temporary protection: landing gear, closed compartments, cabin and toilet floors, bunkers, pipe-work, cables, guide rails for containers, etc.


SOCOPAC 25H is free from harmful, chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, and is not flammable in normal conditions of use.However, as for all hydrocarbon based products, it is recommended to take the normal precautions for use and store away from flames and heat sources.

Wear gloves during application and eye protection.

Store in the original closed packages, away from heat sources and flames. Always shake well before use.

For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation. For industrial use only.

Directions for use

SOCOPAC 25H can be applied with a classic or airless gun or by dipping.

SOCOPAC 25H can be applied on humid surfaces. Its water-repelling feature allows it to displace humidity. However, in the case of hard to reach surfaces or particularly rough and wet surfaces, it is advised to use WADIS 24, a product with a greater water repelling and penetrative effect as a ground coat.


Different methods can be used to strip the SOCOPAC 25H film depending on the equipment available and local conditions:
1) With cleaning solvents without rinsing with water, use HYSO 96 or 98 or DIESTONE DLS for accelerated drying.
2) With aqueous cleaners followed by rinsing with water, use HYSOMUL MC. After 10 minutes, rinse with a jet of water, preferably hot.
3) In a steam cleaning machine, increase the temperature over 80 °C (176 °F)- some HYSOMUL MC (10 to 20 %) may be added. It is also possible to add a SYNCLAIR (A/C).



Access the product technical and safety data sheets here, and download them in one click.

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