WADIS 24/60


WADIS 24/60


Description of WADIS 24/60

High flash point aircraft corrosion inhibiting compound. Forms a powerful and protective water repellent and anti-corrosive film that displaces water and humidity.

WADIS 24/60 displaces and eliminates water and humidity making the treated surfaces water-repellent by adding a thin, translucent, soft film with excellent anti-corrosive power. It is particularly intended to remove the rinsing waters from pieces that have been surface treated. Its use in bath is facilitated by its high flash point. Free from boron, silicone and barium.

  • The translucent, soft, thin, film formed by the product allows control operations on the pieces to take place without removal being necessary. Successive applications of WADIS 24/60 are not additive. A new application leads to dissolution of the old film forming a new film.
  • Compatible with mineral oils- the protected pieces can come directly in contact with other lubricants.
  • As it is a lubricant itself, it can be used for a shallow forming without any other protection operation.
  • It is unnecessary to eliminate WADIS 24/60 from pieces before a machining operation. A rapid mixture will be effected between product and cutting oil without any risk.


• WADIS 24/60 can be used in all industrial sectors: aeronautical, space, shipbuilding, military, automobile, engineering, electronic, surfaces treatment etc., and also in manufacturing, repairs, unscheduled or preventive maintenance.
• The protection time depends on the ambient atmosphere and the protected metal. It can be reduced to 15 days and less for outdoor storage without shelter in a particularly aggressive environment such as sea fog, permanent rain or humidity or acid atmosphere. On average it reaches 1 year for indoor and 6 months for outdoor storage.
• WADIS 24/60 will not attack paints, plastic and rubbers. Water proofing and anti-corrosive treatment in the industry of metal finishing treatment. Displacement of rinsing water on pieces after pickling and phosphatising operations, on iron surfaces or aluminium treatment.
• Water proofing and anti-corrosive treatment in aeronautical maintenance, of the cell, engines and equipment particularly affected by atmospheric conditions.
• Temporary protection at various manufacturing stages, protection of plates, formed plates, sets, spare parts, sets for assembly. Protection of tools. Releasing agent for pieces (bolts, screws, etc.).
• Water proofing, protection and renovating of switch gears and control gears. Displaces water from winding, cleans and lubricates, recovers the insulator ratings.


The organic composition of the product makes it compatible with oxygen and oxidising agents.WADIS 24/60 contains no toxic compound. Ventilation should be provided for vapours in small enclosed premises. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin because of the degreasing power of solvents contained in the product, which could affect the lipo-acid coating of the skin.At an ambient temperature, WADIS 24/60 is not flammable. Because of its flash point, take appropriated safety measures: use away from fire – do not smoke – the product must not be heated.Store protected from sun and important sources of heat, preferably in a cool place.If a dilution is necessary (dry extract adjustment of a bath for instance), use HYSO 96/3 especially formulated to preserve all the product qualities.For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.

Directions for use

Shake the product before using.Check that no other products are put into treatment tanks (thoroughly drain or dry pieces before dipping).For dipping, it is possible to maintain the dry extract by using the appropriated diluting product HYSO 96/3.WADIS 24/60 is applied by brushing, with a cloth, by immersing or spraying (manual spray, automatic installation, pressurised spray can).Indoor storage: 1 to 2 yearsOutdoor storage: 2 to 3 monthsThe protection time depends on the ambient atmosphere and the protected metal. It can be reduced to 15 days and less by an outdoor storage without shelter in a particularly aggressive environment such as sea fog, permanent rain or humidity and acid atmosphere.In these extreme cases, it is necessary to make regular applications whose frequency will be determined by periodic checking, or to apply a compatible long term protective such as SOCOPAC.REMOVAL:Removal can be made either with all surface washing products SYNCLAIR (SYNCLAIR A/C is advised) or solvents such as HYSO, SOCOSOLV, DIESTONE.



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WADIS 24/60
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