Description of WADIS 24

WADIS 24 displaces water and humidity giving to the treated surfaces a water-repellency by adding a thin translucent, soft film with good anti-corrosive properties. Free from boron, silicone, barium.

Its dielectric features are excellent. It can be used without any hazard on all switch gears and control gears, including high tension. WADIS 24 is also a releasing and lubricating agent.

  • WADIS 24 possesses a great affinity for metallic surfaces, superior to those of water. Owing to an extremely weak surface tension combined with a very strong capillary attraction, it acts by very quickly substituting itself for water, penetrating and infiltrating into the slightest porosities and fissures and form a monomolecular tight, insulating and protective film.
  • WADIS 24 does not attack paints, plastic and rubbers.
  • The translucent, soft, thin film of the product allows inspection of parts without requiring its previous removal.
  • The successive applications of WADIS 24 do not accumulate. A new application makes the old film dissolve, forming a new film.
  • Compatible with mineral oils, the protected pieces can come directly into contact with other lubricants and with hydraulic fluids.
  • As it is a lubricant itself, it can be used for shallow forming without any other protection.
  • It is unnecessary to remove WADIS 24 from pieces before a machining operation. A rapid mixture will be effected between product and cutting oil without any risk of dirtying.
  • WADIS 24 is compatible with long-lasting protectives such as SOCOPAC. When it is necessary to displace the water from the substrate (areas subjected to condensation) and in the same time to assure a long-lasting protection, WADIS 24 should be used first in order to displace water and then SOCOPAC 50 should be applied to ensure protection of several years duration.


• Temporary protection at various manufacturing stages, protection of plates, formed plates, sets, spare parts, sets for assembly. Protection of tools, bolting screwing. Releasing agent for pieces (bolts, screws…).
• Water proofing and anti-corrosive treatment in aeronautical maintenance, of the cell, engines and equipment particularly affected by atmospheric conditions.
• Water proofing and anti-corrosive treatment in the metal finishing industry. Elimination of rinsing water on pieces after the pickling and phosphatising operation, on iron surfaces or aluminium treatment.
• Water proofing, protective and renovating compound for switch gears and control gears. Displaces water from winding, cleans and lubricates, recovers the insulators ratings.


Provide ventilation for vapours particularly in small enclosed areas.

Avoid any contact with skin, owing to the degreasing power of the solvents contained in the product.

Take the following precautionary measures: use away from fire – no smoking – the product must not be heated.Aerosol cans must not be punctured nor stored at a temperature higher than 50 °C (122 °F).

Protect from sun and important sources of heat, preferably in a cool place.

For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation. For industrial use only.

Directions for use

• Shake the product before using.
• Check that no other products are put into treatment tanks (thoroughly drain or dry pieces before dipping).
• For dipping, it is possible to maintain a stable dry extract by using the appropriated diluent: HYSO 96/1.
• WADIS 24 is applied by brushing, with a cloth, by immersing or spraying (manual spray, automatic installation, pressurized spray can).
• Indoor storage: 12 months up to 2 years. Outdoor storage: 2 to 3 months
• The protection time depends on the ambient atmosphere and the protected metal. It can be reduced to 15 days and less by an outdoor storage without shelter in particularly aggressive conditions such as sea fog, permanent rain or humidity and acid atmosphere.
• In these extreme cases, it is necessary to make regular applications whose frequency will be determined by periodic checking, or to apply a compatible long term protective such as SOCOPAC.


WADIS 24 can be easily removed by means of water soluble products such as SOCOMUL or SYNCLAIR (SYNCLAIR A/C is recommended). When using a cleaning cloth, a solvent such as HYSO, DIESTONE or SOCOSOLV will be preferred.



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