Wadis 5-85


Wadis 5-85


Description of Wadis 5-85

Containing an organic active ingredient dissolved in a petroleum distillate totally free of aromatic solvents, WADIS 5/85 is a high performance water-repellent lubricating fluid suitable for use on all painted or unpainted metallic substrates, electric motors and internal combustion engines exposed to moisture or corrosive atmospheres. It is a VOC FREE product, compliant with Directive 1999/13/EC.

The water-repellent action of WADIS 5/85 is both preventive and curative:

  • Applied preventively, WADIS 5/85 forms a thin waterproof and water-resistant film that protects metal surfaces from chemical and physical attack, preventing corrosion.
  • Applied on wet surfaces, WADIS 5/85 is attracted by capillarity and surface tension at the same time. The water-repellent film is formed instantly and replaces the film of water, making the treated surface permanently water-repellent.
  • A homogenous mixture, Wadis 5/85 will not separate, even at low temperatures. It can be applied, by spray or immersion, on all surfaces, including those that are highly healed (motors or bearing boxes for example).
  • WADIS 5/85 is suitable for use on paint, plastics and elastomer (rubber), and will not cause “crazing” on polycarbonates and plexiglass.
  • WADIS 5/85 effectively protects metals and alloys, steel, aluminium, magnesium, titanium and copper alloys.
  • WADIS 5/85 is compatible with lubricating oils and greases used on mechanical parts, and does not have to be removed prior to lubricating operations.
  • In addition to its water-repellent properties, WADIS 5/85 is a penetrating oil particularly effective for disassembling mechanical assemblies. It does not contain any environmentally hazardous organometallic compounds (barium, cadmium or molybdenum).


• Anti-corrosion and water repellent treatment for mechanical parts, bearings, motor gears, internal parts exposed to condensation and control cabinets. Protects motors after cleaning in alkaline baths, or with high pressured water, or rinsing.
• Protects electrical equipment, windings, contacts, motors and relays free from water and humidity. Restores the dielectric characteristics of insulators.
• Protects plates, tools, mechanical assemblies, motors and machines in storage and during assembly. Removes rinse water from parts during surface treatment. Its lubricating and waterproof features make it suitable for use on all mechanical parts in operation.


As with all petroleum products, wearing gloves is recommended during frequent or prolonged handling.

Use and store away from flames and heat sources.

Keep the container closed when not in use.

For more information regarding the dangers of the product, please consult the product safety data sheetaccording to local regulation. For industrial use only.


  • SNCF
    • Symbole 0.210.0126 - 0.210.0050

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Wadis 5-85
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