Description of PROPACO AP2

A quick drying temporary protection compound that forms an adhesive film which is particularly resistant to scratches, bad weather, saline or corrosive atmospheres, acid vapours, water, grease, oil and hydrocarbon spray.

  • Protection of stainless, titanium parts, etc.. during forming, stamping operations or during transport.
  • Dry film lubricant.
  • PROPACO AP2 is designed for painted or unpainted metallic assemblies and is applied by spray gun.
  • PROPACO AP2 is a water-based product free of silicone additives.


Store between 5 to 40°C (41 to 100°F)Keep away from flames and heat sources.Mix before use and apply between 5 to 30°C (41 to 86°F).For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation.For industrial use only.

Directions for use

The application equipment must be clean, dry and cleared of oil or solvent contamination. The substrates to be protected must be degreased and dried. The product is ready for use. After a period in storage, it is advisable to shake to obtain complete homogenisation. It can be applied by classic, HVLP or airless spray gun. 30 to 40 dry microns may be applied by coat. If a greater thickness is required, apply several thin layers at 30min intervals. The film achieves its final hard coat characteristics after 24 to 48 hours minimum at ambient temperature (or 20 minutes at 80-100°C / 175-215°F). The application equipment should be cleaned with clear water immediately after use. After polymerisation, use either water with SYNCLAIR A/C (20 %), or suitable DIESTONE diluents. REMOVAL It is easily strippable by means of cleaning solvents (such as DIESTONE or DN 108) or alkaline aqueous solutions (SYNCLAIR A/C and SYNCLAIR A2 GEL). With alkaline cleaners:The use of SYNCLAIR alkaline cleaners offers many advantages: non flammable, does not damage painted or unpainted materials or plastics, absence of unpleasant odours and vapours, biodegradability.In a bath, SYNCLAIR AC should be used at 20 to 30 % in water. By spraying, SYNCLAIR A2 GEL is the most economical product because of its thixotropy. Apply it neat by simple spraying with a classic or airless spray gun – use the product at a temperature between 20 and 30°C (68-86°F) (at a temperature higher than 40°C / 104°F, the gel may dry prematurely). When applying SYNCLAIR A2 GEL, start spraying from the bottom of the vertical surfaces to the top in order to avoid runs. After 20 minutes” contact, rinse with a jet wash, with hot water.With cleaning solvents:The use of cleaning solvents may be interesting in the case of a finishing or stripping operation just before painting the protected metals. Preferably use DIESTONE. When the job or the premises require a non flammable diluent at an ordinary temperature, use DN 108. If PROPACO AP2 itself requires to be cleaned without stripping the protective film, use the diluents-degreasers HYSO 96/1 or HYSO 99, which are not aggressive on the dry film of PROPACO AP2.



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