Description of SOCOSURF A1855

SOCOSURF A1855 is a gel-type acidic waterbased deoxidizer for the treatment of aluminium before painting and bonding operations. It is specially formulated to optimise surface preparation that contributes to improve adhesion and anticorrosion properties of paint systems – specially chromate-free ones.

SOCOSURF A1855 main characteristics are :

  • Thixotropic product.
  • Ready-to-use product.
  • Easy to apply and to rinse.
  • As it is solvent-free, fluoride-free, chromate-free and low-VOC emissions, the product handling and waste treatment are easier and lower cost. It complies with current environmental and safety requirements.
  • To be used at ambient temperature to reduce energy cost linked to tank warming.
  • To reinforce anticorrosion and adhesion properties of paint systems, a SOCOGEL sol-gel should be applied after SOCOSURF A1855


SOCOSURF A1855 has been formulated to be applied on aluminium alloys:

• for painting operations in aircraft maintenance (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) after paint stripping (fuselage, wings, etc.) or for local repairs.

• for painting operation in aerospace detailed parts manufacturing. It is an alternative to deoxidizers used in hot immersion or spraying.

• for final painting operations in aircraft manufacturing (fuselage, wings, etc.).


Please read the safety data sheets before using SOCOSURF A1855.For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation. For industrial use only.

Directions for use

BE CAREFUL: Use a masking and application equipment resistant to acidic products. Spray equipments must be made of stainless steel 316 L or acidic resistant plastic.

• Degrease the surface with an aqueous cleaner such as SYNCLAIR A/C or a solvent such as DIESTONE DLS. The surface should be free of paint residues, soils or any other residues before to apply SOCOSURF A1855.
• Mask the areas that should not be treated (plexiglas, high strength steel, etc.).
• Bring the product to room temperature (ideally +/- 20 °C-68 °F).
• Mix the drum by pump circulating to homogenize the product as a slight separation of the product may occur during storage.
• Apply a wet film of 200 µ to 500 µ (1/127 in to 1/50 in) by hand or by low pressure spraying at about 20-30 cm of the surface. You can use for example Kremlin Airmix 16.120 pump stainless steel with M250 Airless spray guns.Let the product to react from 20 to 40 min ideally between 18 to 25 °C (64-77 °F).
• Rinse the surface with demineralised water by high pressure spraying.
• Allow the surface to dry.
• After 30-60 min, apply the chromate-free or chromated primer.
• If you refer to AMS 3095, apply SOCOGEL B0202 or SOCOGEL A0203 Blue (see SOCOGEL B0202 or SOCOGEL A0203 TDS) before applying MANKIEWICZ SEEVENAX(r) CF-H/S-Primer 113-44.
• If you don’t refer to AMS 3095, we strongly recommend to apply a SOCOGEL sol-gel to reinforce the anticorrosion and adhesion properties of paint systems.


  • SAE
    • AMS 3095 together with SOCOGEL B0202/SOCOGEL A0203 BLUE and Mankiewicz paint system [SEEVENAX H/S-CF Primer 113-44, ALEXIT H/S-Basecoat 411-22, Clearcoat: ALEXIT Clearcoat 411-14] (conform to)

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