In 2013, SOCOMORE Group acquired DYNAMOLD moldable shims product line to complement its own product range for aerospace and to offer its customers full solutions for elementary parts assembly in aerospace FAL workshops. 

The Dynamold Moldable Shims were developed in conjunction with General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin for use in their aircraft platforms, including the F-111, F-16 and F-22. Dynamold Moldable Shims are now found in a variety of aerospace, maritime and industrial applications to shim gaps or off-sets in metal and composite assemblies.

Moldable shims DYNAMOLD products are epoxy-filled resin compounds that cure at room temperature. Through a proprietary process, they can be supplied as two-part system kits of various sizes, or in pre-catalyzed frozen sheets of various thicknesses. They bring significant reductions in assembly time and labor costs.

Frozen sheets moldable shim advantages:

  • Minimizes employee physical contacts with uncured epoxy
  • Eliminates mixing and associated errors
  • Adjusted thickness for each application
  • Can be die-up to shape to expedite production
  • Drastically reduces recurring costs (material placement, pressure application and cleanup)

Moldable shim properties (liquid & frozen sheets):

  • Good adhesion to aluminum, titanium, steel & all composites
  • High compressive strength
  • May be machined, drilled & riveted
  • Resistants to lubricants, fuels, paints, salts, humidity, solvents, acid & Skydrol
  • High resistance to impact, vibration & creep
  • Fast room temperature curing, may be heat-cured to accelerate cycle time

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