Cleaning and degreasing solutions, in bath, by projection or by spraying. Our range of cleaners and degreasers can treat all types of surfaces and includes both water-based and solvent-based products.

Among the types of surfaces that can be treated, some products are inert on metals (steel, aluminum and its alloys, zinc and galvanized steels, titanium, cast iron, magnesium), and/or on plastics (PVC, ABS, polyethylene, polyester, polyurethanes, transparent plastics,...). 

Our new generation of degreasers and cleaners present remarkable properties in accordance with the requirements of our customers:

  • High biodegradability,
  • Low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC),
  • High flash point,
  • No chlorinated or benzene solvents, no borate or nitrite,
  • Low-temperature use,
  • Simple bath dosing and adjustments.
  • Additives to add de-inking properties, enhance degreasing or extend bath life

These features offer several advantages to their users:

  • A very high level of safety,
  • Greater respect for the environment,
  • High efficiency,
  • Increased productivity
  • Easier maintenance of baths

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