SOCOMORE can supply customers with a variety of solutions, tools, and equipment for the quick and easy removal of cured and semi-cured sealant and adhesive tape residues typically found in the aerospace industry. 

Our solutions clean up adhesive residue on various different materials found in both aircrafts interior or exterior, from different surfaces and without damaging them.

Our mechanical sealant removal systems include the OEM-approved SkyScraper™, which can be re-sharpened and help you save money on replacement blades.

Our chemical sealant removers solutions include formerly Elixair™  products, among others. They are available in liquid, thixotropic gel or pre-saturated wipes formats. Our range does include water-based solutions to offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Moreover, SOCOMORE can offer customers a complete surface cleaning system, with products for each stage of the operation: sealant application, sealant removal and cleaning.

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