BABBCO was founded in 1952. Today, it is the no.1 French NDT (Non Destructive Testing) specialist in penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection.

It is a subsidiary of the SOCOMORE group, a company specializing in surface treatment, preparation and protection products. NDT can be performed during or after manufacturing and maintenance operations to check the integrity of parts.

BABBCO’s team offers users advice on choosing the right penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection products and equipment, and provides a range of related services.

We support the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) requirements of our customers.

We are:

A supplier of NDT consumables products

under the BABBCO, SKINCRIC and SHERWIN brands

A supplier of NDT-related services

reference photos, metrology, advice, repair and calibration of equipment, analysis...

A supplier of equipment

electromagnets, reference panels, magnetic field measuring devices, ambient and inspection light sources, radiometers and luxmeters, etc.

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Solutions for Non Destructive Testing

Penetrant Testing

Adhesion PromoterAdhesion Promoter

Magnetic Testing

Release AgentsRelease Agents

Ultrasonic Testing





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