Shims are used to fill gaps and align components that need to be assembled with precision. The strength of these materials allows the user to easily make adjustments and corrections in their assembly process. Moldable shims are also ideal for applications where vibration is an issue, as they can distribute stresses better than other types of shims.

SOCOMORE's line of liquid and frozen moldable shims are used to reduce gaps in metallic and composite material assemblies, as well as in a wide variety of land, air and marine equipment alignment applications.

In the aerospace industry, our liquid shims can reduce production time in aircraft assembly, while increasing profitability for equipment manufacturers and improving worker safety.
Our products meet stringent OEM requirements:

  • Cure time,
  • Compressive strength,
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Optimal viscosity

They are available in liquid form and as pre-mixed calendered sheets that can be adapted to meet different thickness requirements and die-cut into specific shapes. The sheets can be stored frozen, so as to inhibit the polymerization process, until they are used. After a quick thawing process, the materials follow the normal drying cycle at room temperature.

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