The industry market at SOCOMORE is a set of markets that are not directly related to aeronautics. There are 2 main sub-markets:

  • Metallurgy
  • The nautical industry

The metallurgy market corresponds to all the industries that call for the cleaning and stripping of metal parts.

The nautical market corresponds mainly to surface preparation before gluing, surface preparation before painting and mastic removal, with Beneteau as a reference.

SOCOMORE provides its companies with products in line with their needs. All the products are developed with the help of R&D and different partnerships in order to provide quality solutions that meet the different standards in force. Our wide range of products includes pre-saturated wipes or dry wipes to be combined with a solvent, adhesion promoters, paint strippers in liquid or gel format, lubricants, peelable protective coatings, degreasers or deoxidizers, anti-corrosion coatings etc...

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