On industrial sites, hygiene and safety standards are strict and essential: maintaining your facilities and cleaning them regularly ensures compliance. SOCOMORE offers a range of products to maintain the hygiene and disinfection of industrial sites: factories, workshops, production lines.

SOCOMORE cleaning and disinfecting products allow to clean and disinfect efficiently different types of surfaces:

  • Work tools and various materials
  • Premises and warehouses
  • Workstations, workshops
  • Production lines and production units

Our various application modes allow many uses as well as different formats and packaging:

  • Pre-saturated wipes with cleaning and/or disinfecting solvents (according to your needs).
  • Liquid in bulk and different packaging: 900L IBC, 200L drum, 20L can,...
  • Sprays and pump bottles

Thanks to these different application modes, all types of surfaces, even those that are difficult to access, can be cleaned (machine frame, production line, vertical surfaces, ....).

SOCOMORE's disinfection range includes PT4 type cleaning and disinfecting wipes that can clean surfaces in contact with food products, which may be required by the food industry for example.

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