Our range of high specification industry approved products remove paints, clean, degrease, protect and improve adhesion properties on metal and composite surfaces. SOCOMORE surface preparation solutions ensure particle-free cleaning and spotless surface preparation prior to paint, bond, sealant application, and non-destructive testing during manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance/repair (MRO) operations.

Solutions for Surface Preparation

Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion PromoterAdhesion Promoter

Release Agent

Release AgentsRelease Agents

Tank and Spray Cleaning

Automated surface cleaning solutionsAutomated surface cleaning solutions

Manual Surface Cleaning

Manual Surface CleaningManual Surface Cleaning



Paint Removal (Gel Form)

Paint Removal in GelPaint Removal in Gel

Paint Removal (Liquid)

Paint Removal Stripping Liquid GelPaint Removal Stripping Liquid Gel

Sealant Removal

Sealant RemovalSealant Removal

Paint Equipement Cleaning

Paint Equipment CleaningPaint Equipment Cleaning

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