SOCOMORE offers a wide range of expert solutions for the preparation and protection of metals and composite materials for the construction of means of transport and their maintenance, including railways. We offer you solutions whose environmental performance takes into account all the evolutions of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations. Our research protocols integrate VOC reduction programs, REACH, GHS, etc. Some of the products presented in this catalog are SNCF approved.

Our OEM range covers 7 different areas:

  • Surface preparation before painting
  • Surface preparation before gluing
  • Corrosion protection (CIC)
  • Surface treatment of aluminum alloys
  • General degreasing
  • Final cleaning / washing of vehicles before delivery to customers
  • Cleaners for painting equipment and others

All our products are the result of our R&D and global technology partnerships. We offer you solutions whose environmental performance takes into account all the regulatory developments in terms of health, safety and environment (HSE). Our research protocols integrate REACH, GHS, VOC reduction, etc.

SOCOMORE helps you to reach your objectives in particular with its range of wipes dedicated to the OEM railway sector. High added value solutions, they will allow you to :

  • Reduce VOC emissions in the workshop and thus reduce costs
  • Stay on the surface longer:
    • increase efficiency
    • reduce consumption
  • Reduce fire risk management
  • Guarantee the safety of operators
  • Optimize standardization
  • Ensure traceability
  • Reduce liquid consumption

Our products dedicated to the OEM railway range are used and referenced by the biggest players in the railway sector such as ALSTOM.


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