The global health crisis that we have been living has highlighted the new needs in the field of disinfection. Ensuring the hygiene of everyone has become a priority. Beyond its limiting aspect, disinfection has become a real asset to ensure the safety of your employees and customers, whether in public transport, workplaces, offices, agencies, workshops, factories…

SOCOMORE offers a wide range of disinfection products to protect yourself and help you to keep your surfaces, equipment and offices clean and sanitized:

  • Liquid multi-surface cleaners and disinfectants from 100ml format to IBC containers, including for surfaces in contact with food (PT4 biocides).
  • Pre-saturated cleaning and disinfecting wipes to easily clean your surfaces and equipment.
  • Gels and hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene, including an upcoming range with a nice green tea fragrance (contact-us).

The different packagings offer an easy application and an adaptation to any situation (in pre-saturated wipes, spray or gel format). They have a quick action, without rinsing and do not leave any residue.

The range includes small containers of 100 ml, practical to transport, 5 liters to refill your dispensers and also 950 liters format, to meet all your needs.

Our products in the SOCOSAFE range are tested by independent laboratories and comply with biocidal standards*, for maximum protection against viruses: bactericidal (EN 1276, EN 13727, EN 1500), yeasticidal (EN 13624), fungicidal (EN 13624) and virucidal (EN 14476+A2).

Solutions for Disinfection

Hands disinfection

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Surface disinfection

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