Traceability of materials has become a major issue in many sectors. In this environment where products security, legal compliance and extended producer responsibility are essential, traceability plays a key role in the construction of a reliable and transparent supply chain, from raw materials to recycling.

In 2022, Socomore acquired Olnica, expert in materials and products traceability.

Olnica has developed the very first complete and secure “Track & Trace” system combining the strength of innovative molecular taggants, the power of detection fluorophore and the integration of digital technologies and cloud. These invisible taggants allows materials and products identification and parts at any point in the lifecycle and supply chain.

Whether it’s about guaranteeing the origin of parts and materials to fight against fraud or even to guarantee and quantify the presence of specific products (additives or recycled products), Olnica’s Track and Trace ecosystem is an invisible and completely secure solution.

Olnica’s technology consists in a molecular taggant. Every coded taggant, developed for a client, can be specific to an application, a market, production site or even a year. The taggant detection can be done with our Pocket Lab, a light weight and portable reader, connected to Olnica app and to an intuitive dashboard.

Want to improve your products traceability ? Discover the Olnica’s Track & Trace system