SOCOMORE helps you to achieve your goals with solutions designed for the assembly line in the automotive sector. Benefit from products to treat and prepare your surfaces and pieces before assembling and bonding.

Our product range for the assembly line includes liquid solvents, lubricants, water-based solutions and cleaners with UV tracers (SOCOSOLV UV) to help you degrease and clean your surfaces before bonding and reduce non-conformities.

The added value of our range is linked to our pre-saturated wipes with cleaning solution. No more wipe off needed! The wipes with the fast drying time are easy and quick to use, helps to standardize operations and reduce time cycle.

Our assembly line products can be used for:

  • Windows
  • Black stripping on doors
  • Pillars application
  • Labels and monograms
  • Roof and door rubber profile
  • Door weather courtain

Among the range, benefit from our brand new product SOCOCLEAN A2501 with limited VOC for more safety of the users as well as preserving the environment. It provides short drying time and reduces fire risks.


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