The SOCOMORE surface treatment range offers several solutions for deoxidization, decontamination, treatment, passivation and conversion of your metal surfaces. As a responsible chemist, SOCOMORE has developed a complete range of Cr(VI) and borate free products for surface treatment in compliance with REACh regulations.

The surface treatment activities are experiencing major transformations within the scope of REACh regulations and the industry's HSE challenges. The surface treatment of aluminum and metal surfaces is mainly targeted, with the need to replace products in baths to take into account the REACH requirements, at each step of the process: deoxidization and decontamination, surface treatment and conversion.

In addition to REACh regulations, solutions must also meet customer requirements in terms of performance and compatibility with existing processes.

It is a major challenge for industries to evaluate, approve and implement new solutions, manage the transition, maintain continuous supply and adapt the configuration of the lines if required.

Are you facing these challenges? SOCOMORE provides you with solutions for surface treatment approved by the constructors (OEMs) and compliant with REACh. Discover all our solutions for deoxidation, decontamination, passivation and conversion, and additives for the maintenance of your baths. 

Among our range, discover:

  • Socosurf A1858/A1806
  • Socosurf TCS
  • Socosurf PACS

Solutions for Surface Treatment

Surface Deoxidizing & Decontamination

Surface Conversion & Treatment

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