SOCOMORE has a wide range of coatings for all the needs of the aerospace and defense industry, on different substrates: composite, thermoplastic, metallic (aluminum, titanium, steel, stainless steel, etc.) and glass.

  • Non-chromated anticorrosion primers and adhesion promoters to improve paint adhesion on your surfaces.
  • Erosion protection coatings to increase the level of protection of your surfaces (e.g. for the leading edges of wings/blades).
  • Functional or more specialized coatings, such as high temperature coatings, conductive coatings, anti-uv or low emissivity coatings.
  • We also offer decorative coatings for different substrates including glass or functionalized coatings (anti-scratch, hydrophobic,...)  
  • And finally, efficient thinners for the good applicability of paints and the cleaning of your application equipment.

Our coatings range is the result of 25 years of expertise from our R&D and technical teams. We provide specific development and support to our customers worldwide. According to our customers' performance expectations and local regulations, we offer more environment-friendly products without compromising our customers' performance and processes.

SOCOMORE offers a complete range of products, from paint stripping to surface preparation, to ensure product compatibility throughout the process and time savings in paint shops.

Solutions for Coatings

Adhesion Promoter & Washprimer

Anticorrosion Coating

High Temperature Coating

Conductive Coating


Erosion Protection Coating

Decorative Coating & Topcoat

Low Outgassing Coating

Thinners And Cleaning Of Paint Application Eqpt

Specialty Coating

Interior Coating

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