BABBCO offers a range of high-tech non-destructive testing (NDT) services in accordance with your requirements.

Our non-destructive evaluation (NDE) support services include: 

  • Physico-chemical analysis and testing of fluids and powders used in dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection, all CEN, ISO, ASTM and NADCAP certified
  • Metrology, image analysis and baseline dimensioning on fault indications
  • In situ or laboratory produced photos and digital graphic services
  • Photometry, radiometry and spectrometry
  • Certified electrical and electronic repairs
  • Consulting services and level 3 management (PT)

Customers can rely on BABBCO’s 70 years of experience and knowledge of the latest developments in non-destructive testing when availing themselves of our broad range of products, recommendations and services.

Our dedicated teams offer standardized or customized services, with express or standard  turnaround times. We emphasize on-time deliveries and personalized project monitoring.

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