SOCOMORE protects your surfaces from corrosion with its wide range of corrosion protection products.

We have developed a range of corrosion inhibiting compounds (CIC) / Corrosion Preventive Coating (CPC) to protect your structures, materials, parts and assemblies effectively from corrosion. Old nemesis of metal surfaces in your activities,  corrosion is a natural but avoidable chemical reaction. SOCOMORE offers a wide range of anti-corrosion products to protect your surfaces against corrosion damage during the lifecycle of your parts or structures.

Our range of solutions for protection against corrosion can be applied on all types of metals: 

  • Steels
  • Aluminium and its alloys
  • Zinc
  • Composites
  • Painted surfaces

Our products offer good penetrant properties and are water-repellent (displace water and repel moisture). Effective in corrosive environments, our products form a barrier against all agents responsible for corrosion (water, oxygen, acids, alkalis and salts from industrial emissions, acid rain, tropical atmospheres,...). They can also serve as insulators to prevent electrical and electronic equipment from water. Our range also includes films and bags from Cortec VpCI.

Our products can be applied in different ways according to their specificity: dipping, brush or by spraying (aerosol, classic spray gun, airless/airmix system), or low pressure spray system,...thus offering a wide variety of applications for more ease of use. They have a high flash point for safe and secure use. Finally, they are easily removable with our solvents or detergents.

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