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SG1 coupling gel is a translucent semi water-based glycerinated pink gel, biodegradable.

It was specially developed in order to make ultrasonic testing on yards and wide surfaces easier.

SG1 gel characteristic ensures a good adhesion on pieces to be tested, whatever their position. SG1 excellent wetting enables a very good acoustic transmission even on fatty parts and not perfectly degreased.

  • SG1 couplant has no corrosive effect on all metals.
  • SG1 has no effect too on paints, plastic and rubber.
  • However it shall not be used on composites before repair.
  • The normal temperature range is 0°C to 50°C, the use is possible at higher temperature but the gel liquefies gradually.
  • The viscosity increases with evaporation of water.
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) (Manual)
Technical Data Sheet
sg1_TDS_english.pdf (136.88kB)
sg1_TDS_french.pdf (137.54kB)
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  • ASME
  • PMUC
  • RCCM
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