In 2018, Socomore acquired Elixair International Ltd, which included an exclusive worldwide licence for plastic scrapers. Since then, Socomore supplies an enhanced variety of solutions, tools and equipment to remove wet, cured or semi-cured sealants.

Product ranges include:

  • SkyScraper : re-sharpenable plastic scrapers that remove cured sealant and adhesives. These tools are Airbus and Boeing approved
  • SkyGrip : a selection of ergonomic accessories, grips and handles for operator comfort and safety
  • SkyMill : sharpening devices that allow in-situ sharpening of fluted SkyScrapers 
  • SkySpatulas, SkySpreaders and SkySmoothers for the easy application of sealants, adhesives and liquid shim materials
  • Chemical solutions such as SkyRestore to break down the resistance or bond within the sealant, making it easy to remove. These solutions are a complement to Socomore solvents for wet sealant removal
  • A large range of pre-saturated wipes and surface cleaning solutions that now includes SkyWash and SkyWipes

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